12 tips to get your home ready for fall

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12 tips to get your home ready for fall

The temperature is dropping and the nights are drawing in, which can only mean one thing — autumn is here. While it’s all too easy to cosy up indoors and prepare to hibernate, now’s the time to prepare your home. There’s a number of things you should do inside and out to prevent damage during the colder months. Here are the top tips to remember to do.  

1. Clear off and cover outdoor furniture — Brush any dead leaves and debris away. It’s a good idea to cover up any furniture which could be damaged by heavy rain or frost. If your furniture didn’t come with a cover, you can buy one, such as the Patio Furniture Set Cover from Amazon. Make sure it’s weighed down or secured as well so high winds won’t remove it. 

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2. Cover vulnerable plants up — Not every plant will need covering, but more delicate, tropical plants will be susceptible to the cold temperatures and frost. If you’re not sure which plants to cover, check the care tags. If they’re small and portable, you could bring the vulnerable plants indoors, but if not, these will need to be either wrapped in fleece and tied with string, or will need a fleece bag sealing on top, which is the much easier option. The ANPHSIN 2 Pack Drawstring Plant Covers are a great choice from Amazon. 

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