A Total War Saga: Troy review

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A Total War Saga: Troy review

Refreshing tactical changes and some of the best maps in the series make this an experiment worth checking out.

What is it? A mythological Total War
Developer: Creative Assembly Sofia
Publisher: Sega
Reviewed on: GTX 1080Ti, Intel i7-8086K, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? Yes
Link: Official site

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The work never stops when you’re trying to organise a holiday to Troy with a bunch of your Greek mates. I just want to smash some walls, but I’ve got soldiers freaking out about bad omens, centaurs that need fed, petulant deities setting fire to shit like bored pyromaniac teens, and people pestering me endlessly about bronze they really don’t need. Get your own bronze, Achilles! A Total War Saga: Troy never lets up. 

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