AMD: Confident in Our Suppliers, Set to Grow in 2022

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AMD: Confident in Our Suppliers, Set to Grow in 2022

AMD revenues have been growing steadily in the past few years. In 2020, the company posted its all-time record revenue of $9.763 billion and, for this year, it recently guided a whopping 60% increase to around $15.5 billion, a goal that is particularly hard to hit amid a chip-supply crisis. Yet, AMD is confident that it will achieve its targets this year and in the coming years because of improved supply, growing demand for server and HPC-grade hardware, and a focus on premium models.

“We believe that we can continue [this revenue growth], both with the customers on the demand side and also supply [side] with our foundry partners, substrate suppliers, and ATMP [assembly, testing, marking, and packaging] capacity and feel that there is significant room for us to grow out to 2022 and 2023,” said Devinder Kumar, chief financial officer of AMD, at Deutsche Bank Technology Conference 2021 (via SeekingAlpha).

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