AMD Scores Its Highest Server CPU Market Share in Years: Report

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AMD Scores Its Highest Server CPU Market Share in Years: Report

AMD’s recent server efforts have been tremendous. The company not only released CPUs with 64 cores and worked hard to win designs with server makers and cloud giants like Google, but it also prioritized producing EPYC processors over client CPUs and GPUs. These efforts paid off in the second quarter as, according to a report from analyst firm Omdia, AMD has reached its highest server CPU market share in years.

According to the report, around 3.4 million data center servers were sold in the second quarter of 2021 (flat year over year). Additionally, server makers earned $21.5 billion due to growing demand from hyperscale cloud service providers.

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AMD controlled 16% of data center servers, Intel lost some revenue share to AMD, and Arm-based servers continued to progress, albeit in a limited number of cases. Omdia says that Ampere’s Altra (deployed by Oracle) and chips from Fujitsu and Huawei are the most successful server-grade Arm SoCs.

An avid reader will certainly notice that data from Omdia appears to differ from data shared by Mercury Research last month, which shows that AMD commanded around 11.6% of server unit share in Q2 2021. This happens because Omdia includes all types of general-purpose servers in the report, like mainstream/datacenter machines (blades, rack servers, whitebox servers used by hyperscalers, tower servers, hyperconverged infrastructure servers), edge servers (a small emerging category), and four-socket and beyond servers.

Other firms do not include certain niche types of servers (e.g., machines with four or more CPUs) that sometimes happen to be categories in which AMD does not participate, which is why server-related reports from IDC, Mercury Research, and Omdia can have different perspectives. In the case of Omdia, it only covers data center machines. 

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