AOC Agon AGM700 Review: Adjustable-Weight Budget Sniper

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AOC Agon AGM700 Review: Adjustable-Weight Budget Sniper

The AOC Agon AGM700 is well-priced for a mouse with adjustable weights, a sniper button and braided cable. But its shape and texture can be harder to grip, and it’s heavier than many FPS mice.

AOC has marked 2021 as the year of gaming peripherals, entering the market with new keyboards, headsets, RGB mouse pads and gaming mice. The AOC Agon AGM700 is the premium gaming mouse carrying a $40 MSRP compared to the AOC Agon AGM500’s $25. A $40 price tag still puts the AGM700 on the cheaper side of gaming mice, especially when you consider its features.

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The AGM700 tempts with a 3.17-ounce build that can increase by 0.18 ounce increments up to 4.09 ounces, thanks to five removable weights. There’s also a sniper button for instantly dropping sensitivity to a low 200 CPI for quick headshots. You also get a braided cable and three onboard memory profiles and eight programmable buttons. But you might also find that the AGM700’s shape and the positioning of its side buttons, including that sniper button, prevent it from being the best gaming mouse.

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