Apple Reveals New Mac Pro GPU Options

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Apple Reveals New Mac Pro GPU Options

Apple unveiled the changes to the Mac Pro GPU selection in early August, noting that users will be able to purchase updated Mac Pro desktop computers with an option of AMD Radeon Pro W6800X, W6800X Duo, or W6900X graphics processing cards. According to Engadget, the graphics card changes are the only big changes set to happen to Apple’s workstations with this update, which could be the last time that Apple offers any modifications to the Intel-based Mac Pro lineup this year.


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Apple claims the new GPUs will offer a 50% performance improvement per watt over the Vega II cards that it previously offered in the workstations. This, Apple says, should lead to apps running faster and smoother when using the new cards. Apple notes an increase of 84% for performance in the Octane X rendering app and a 26% increase in how Cinema 4D performs on the updated workstations.

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