Apple Watch 8 early rumors and what we want to see

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Apple Watch 8 early rumors and what we want to see

The Apple Watch 8 is already on our mind, even if the Apple Watch 7 was just announced and won’t ship until later in the fall. And while the seventh-generation Apple smartwatch promises to impress once it does arrive, it still leaves some features to be desired.

Apple has announced a new version of the best smartwatch every year since the launch of the original. So there’s a good chance the company is already working on a follow up to the Apple Watch 7. We haven’t seen any major leaks like we have for the iPhone 14, but rumors that didn’t materialize with the latest model could be destined for Apple Watch 8.

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For all we know, Apple is still planning the flat-edged redesign many people anticipated. It could also bring a new health sensor to the Apple Watch 8, since the Apple Watch 7’s hardware isn’t introducing much in terms of wellness. In the meantime, watchOS 8 welcomes more workout types, plus a Mindfulness app for reflecting on an everyday basis. 

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