Apple’s End Game: Gadgets That Charge Each Other

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Apple’s End Game: Gadgets That Charge Each Other

The plot of Apple’s charging story is getting absurdly complicated, and yet, when you come to charge your gadgets, it’s all pretty straightforward. 

The new MagSafe battery pack charges AirPods. The iPhone charges the MagSafe Battery Pack. The Mac and iPad can charge iPhones. Might Apple be making an ecosystem where everything can charge everything else?

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“Apple’s many charging options provide Mac devotees with a cohesive way to keep their products charged and able to use simultaneously,” Daivat Dholakia, director of operations at Force by Mojio, told Lifewire via email. “If you only have one Apple product, the charging integration doesn’t benefit you much. But if you have a Mac, AirPods, an iPhone, and an iPad? You’re set!”

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