ASRock B550 PG Riptide Motherboard Review: Well-Rounded and Affordable

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ASRock B550 PG Riptide Motherboard Review: Well-Rounded and Affordable

The $159.99 ASRock B550 Riptide includes dual M.2 sockets, 10 USB ports on the rearIO, Killer-based 2.5 GbE and an appearance that fits in with most build themes. If you’re looking for an affordable board for recent AMD CPUs, the Riptide is a great start.

Recently, we took a close look at the ASRock X570S Riptide, a budget-oriented SKU for AMD’s updated (and fanless) X570S chipset. Today, we’re taking a look at its lower-end sibling, the B550 Phantom Gaming Riptide. The new B550 PG Riptide SKU lands on store shelves (or web pages) at $159.99, placing it solidly on the affordable side of B550 motherboards, just like its big brother. The new board includes plenty of USB ports on the rear IO, dual M.2 sockets, and power delivery capable of supporting flagship-level CPUs (at least at stock speeds).

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Digging down into the features, the board has 10 Phase digital power with Dr. MOS MOSFETs. There are two M.2 sockets (one with a heatsink) and six SATA ports — what many would call standard for budget motherboards.  Memory support is listed over DDR4 5000, but of course, your memory mileage may vary. On the networking side, the PG Riptide includes a Killer Networks 2.5 GbE, but does not have integrated Wi-Fi (there’s an available M.2 socket to add it). If you need many rear USB ports, there are 10 to choose from, including a 10 Gbps Type-C port, but there is no 20 Gbps port/header.

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