ASRock X570S Riptide Review: Fanless AMD X570 on a Budget

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ASRock X570S Riptide Review: Fanless AMD X570 on a Budget

The ASRock X570S Riptide’s appearance may not win you over, but the fanless chipset cooler, sub-$200 price point and overall feature set make this a solid build option in the budget space.

The recent release of the X570S chipset update (nixing the need for a chipset fan) allowed motherboard partners to update their product stacks and get something new out for AMD builders before the arrival of Zen 4 sometime next year. We’ve seen some announcements along these lines in recent weeks, including one from Gigabyte focusing on high-end X570s models. But ASRock was the first company to get an X570S board to us for testing. And interestingly, the ASRock X570S Riptide leans more toward the affordable end of the spectrum, with a $185 MSRP.

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As far as features go, the most significant difference with the X570S Riptide compared to ASRock’s X570 lineup is the lack of a chipset fan. The Riptide looks like a budget board, with most of the PCB exposed, outside of the chipset and M.2 heatsink, but it’s far from unattractive. Outside of that, the Riptide includes two PCIe 4.0 M.2 sockets, Killer-based 2.5 GbE, six SATA ports, and VRMs capable of supporting the flagship AMD Ryzen 9 5950X processor at stock and while overclocked.

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