Asus ProArt B550 Creator Review: Designed for Pros, Works for Joes

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Asus ProArt B550 Creator Review: Designed for Pros, Works for Joes

The $299.99 Asus ProArt B550 Creator includes dual M.2 sockets, 8 USB ports on the rear IO (including two TB4 Type-C ports), dual 2.5 GbE, and an appearance that fits in with most build themes. If you’re looking for Thunderbolt 4 ports for ultra-fast transfer or enhanced video outputs, the Creator is worth a look.

The Asus ProArt B550 Creator is, as the name implies, designed with the content creator in mind. It sports dual Thunderbolt 4 ports (still a rarity among AMD boards), DisplayPort input, dual 2.5 GbE, as well a VRM capable of supporting our Ryzen 9 5950X CPU at stock and while overclocked. While looks aren’t at the top of the list, the board’s black color and gold accents fit in with most build themes, but aren’t likely a focal point considering the lack of RGB lighting.

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At $299.99 from Newegg, the ProArt B550 Creator is a mid-range board that offers many features at a price that won’t leave your wallet empty. The Creator includes four SATA ports and memory support listed to DDR4 4866+(OC). It also has a premium audio codec in the Realtek ALC1220A. It’s a well-rounded board overall, with a focus on creators and professionals, but it still works well for more general users.

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