Atomic Heart detailed system requirements revealed

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The faux-Soviet shooter Atomic Heart (opens in new tab) comes out on February 21, which means that if you want to play, you have just under two weeks to get your PC in shape to make it happen. And now you have proper targets to aim for on that front, thanks to the detailed system requirements released today by developer Mundfish.

You can apparently get away with a pretty low-spec unit, according to these numbers, as long as you don’t mind putting up with what I’m sure would be a commensurately low-end experience. But even the high setting isn’t killer: It doesn’t offer the visual glory of 4K, but it doesn’t demand a 4K-capable system either.

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Game director Robert Bagratuni told WCCF Tech (opens in new tab) that the rated FPS for each specification is the minimum players will get “during fierce battles in the most crowded locations,” and that in most locations it will be much higher. “For example, with the GeForce GTX 1650 graphical card, the players will get a minimum of 60FPS, while a maximum indicator in most locations will be 100FPS,” Bagratuni said.

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