August’s Wi-Fi Smart Lock offers bolt-on smart lock convenience

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August’s Wi-Fi Smart Lock offers bolt-on smart lock convenience

There is no shortage of app-connected smart locks on the market right now. But if you aren’t interested in completely replacing the lock you already own, keys and all, you can turn your existing deadbolt into a smart lock with one of August’s devices. The latest version of this smart deadbolt is the Wi-Fi Smart Lock, which sells for $249.99 and is available for purchase now.

Two-hundred and fifty dollars is a lot of money for the privilege of unlocking your door with a smartphone app. Fortunately, the Wi-Fi Smart Lock is all metal, with a premium feel and sleek design that fits in with modern decor. August is offering the lock in two colors — silver and black — to match your existing hardware. It’s compatible with most deadbolt locks in the US, and installation is as simple as removing the interior lock lever and mounting the Wi-Fi Smart Lock in its place. You then add the lock to your Wi-Fi network through the August smartphone app and connect it to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple’s HomeKit.

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The biggest difference between the new Wi-Fi Smart Lock and the version that preceded it is the new lock is considerably smaller and sleeker. According to August, it is 45 percent smaller in volume and 20 percent thinner than the Smart Lock Pro. In more practical terms, it’s gone from looking like two hockey pucks stacked on top of each other to something that more closely resembles a standard doorknob. August CEO Jason Johnson told me in an interview that the new model is “the size August always wanted it to be.” Designer Yves Béhar adds that the “smaller size is easier to rotate for smaller hands or children, while also allowing the lock to be more discrete and blend in with the home.”

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