Ausdom AW651 Webcam Review: Easy On the Eyes and the Wallet

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Ausdom AW651 Webcam Review: Easy On the Eyes and the Wallet

The Ausdom AW651 packs plenty of premium features into a mid-budget price point, all without skimping on fidelity.

The pandemic and the work-from-home culture that rose from it has seen plenty of new webcam manufacturers throwing their hats into the ring, hoping to capitalize on the hole left by stock shortages from big players like Logitech. While that hole’s since largely been filled and a lot of these companies have now retreated from the arena, one of the notable contenders that’s hoping to usurp the best webcams throne is a small company Ausdom.

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While Ausdom was primarily known for wireless headphones before the pandemic struck, it’s since been releasing a continuous stream of webcams with surprisingly strong hardware for such a small company that’s so new to this space. Case in point, the Ausdom AW651. This is a 1440p camera with 1080p @ 60 fps and HDR support, plus it comes with its own tripod. All of this costs less than $90, and while it can’t quite escape from its budget jank, its core technology is impressively capable of keeping up with and even exceeding what you’ll find from bigger names.

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