Avast Secure Browser review

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Avast Secure Browser review

Avast is at its best when ad-blocking and other security features are enabled, making it a swift, sleek, and safe competitor in the browser market.

Avast Secure Browser isn’t a browser with many bells and whistles, especially outside of the privacy and security realm. That may be just fine with you, though. If you want a browser that’s a cinch to install and use, and you care much more about privacy than customization, you’ll barely notice that Avast is limited when it comes to features.

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Avast works pretty well without you making any significant changes to its settings. It looks and functions similar to Chrome, and the default search engine is Google, so you can get started in a familiar environment right away. With a few tweaks to the comprehensive security settings page, you’ll be done personalizing your browser altogether (unless you want to change its aesthetics).

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