'Axiom Verge 2' Didn’t Give Me What I Expected

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'Axiom Verge 2' Didn’t Give Me What I Expected

There's a lot about Axiom Verge 2 that I think I appreciate specifically because I play a lot of video games.

The gamer-nerd term for this sort of game is a “Metroidvania,” which is a portmanteau of the two most famous entries in this particular sub-genre. They’re action-adventure games focused on exploration, where you slowly work your way into every corner of an open-ended sprawling map full of dangers and treasures.

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Like its predecessor, the 2015 indie megahit Axiom Verge (which you don't have to play first), AV2 tilts closer to the Metroid than the –Vania. You're often alone, typically outgunned, and usually have more questions than answers, except you don't have time to ask them, because you are hip-deep in strange, angry robots at any given point in time.

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