'B-ARK' Is the Co-Op Game I Didn't Know I was Looking For

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'B-ARK' Is the Co-Op Game I Didn't Know I was Looking For

B-ARK, on the other hand, is low-key and accessible, bringing back the '90s in most of the best ways. Its director, Abraham Morales, told me at last month's Penny Arcade Expo Online that B-ARK is a “love letter” to the classics like Gradius and R-Type, with an all-ages hook, a Saturday-morning-cartoon art style, and a focus on cooperative play.

You can run through B-ARK solo, but I found it's probably at its worst doing so. With even one buddy, the game gets chaotic fast, but lets you team up to deal with oncoming waves of enemy robots, dangerous obstacles, and a host of murderous enemy spaceships. It's a lot of fun, although, like the shooters that inspired it, it does have a heavy focus on pattern memorization.

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“I've had success jumping into it with people who ordinarily don't touch this sort of game, but thanks to help from more experienced players, they were still able to have fun.”

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