Bachelorette: How The Move To Minnesota Could Change Michelle’s Season

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Bachelorette: How The Move To Minnesota Could Change Michelle’s Season

The Bachelorette has moved the show to Michelle’s hometown in Minnesota, and the familiar surroundings could change her season’s outcome.

In the latest episode of The Bachelorette, the show has moved to Minnesota, lead Michelle Young’s hometown, and the change in scenery could change the course of her season. Between family and career, teacher Michelle has strong ties to the state, and returning home could give her renewed confidence as she enters the second part of her journey. New surroundings could have a big impact on the bonds Michelle is forming with her suitors.

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So far, the drama this season seems to be wearing on Michelle. In the last episode, the men got so wrapped up in a stellar slumber party date that Michelle felt completely ignored and unseen. Though the men profusely apologized when she confronted them about their neglectful behavior, Michelle’s confidence still appeared to be shaken. However, this season, the show was able to travel to another location, and the action is moving to Minnesota. The men are going to be on Michelle’s home turf dating on her terms, and the change could lead Michelle to have better luck than Katie Thurston, the former Bachelorette who just broke up with her fiancé Blake Moynes.

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