Bayonetta 3 in the “final stages” of development

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Bayonetta 3 in the “final stages” of development

Bayonetta 3 is in the “final stages” of development according to PlatinumGames.

Following Bayonetta 3’s long-awaited reappearance yesterday at Nintendo’s Direct presentation on September 23, game director Yusuke Miyata published a letter on the official website of PlatinumGames. Miyata explains that this is actually his first time working on the Bayonetta series, so he’s replayed all the games and re-read all related comics extensively over the last few years, also getting into “deep discussions” with Hideki Kamiya.

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“We’re in the home stretch of development right now, working on making the core of the game even more fun and test playing nonstop,” Miyata writes near the conclusion of the letter. “As the culmination of this series loved by all of you, we’re giving our all to make it a masterpiece worth of the name Bayonetta so please wait and anticipate just a bit longer!”

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