Best AIO cooler for CPUs

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Best AIO cooler for CPUs

All-in-one coolers have come a long way and the best AIO coolers are a great way to keep your CPU cool. And with modern silicon’s dynamic performance levels, maintaining excellent cooling is more important than ever. A good quality AIO cooler doesn’t just keep your rig cool and quiet, it can directly impact the performance of your system thanks to the way the turbo modes of modern CPUs work. But there are hundreds of coolers to choose from. Where to begin?

What follows is a list of our favourite AIO coolers, all of which have been tested by us. We know our readers have different wants and needs, so we’ve picked a range of options to suit all budgets and use cases.

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But if you’ve made the decision to go for an AIO cooler, ask not what the best AIO cooler is, ask what is the best for you and your partnering components. Which one you go for will depend on your particular needs. There’s a lot to consider; there’s the radiator size and case compatibility, the cooling capacity, value for money, noise levels, reliability, and yes, looks are important too. 

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