Best antivirus for PC gaming 2021

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Best antivirus for PC gaming 2021

The best antivirus software will keep your gaming PC safe from hackers and malware, without interrupting your gaming session. Like a silent bodyguard it’ll protect, without reminding you that you’re still alive. A mid-game pop-up is never welcome, even to tell you all’s well. We don’t tolerate such nonsense and we don’t think you should either.

Most of today’s big antivirus suites have taken heed of this potential nuisance, and offer some form of gaming mode that stays quiet unless something disastrous is occurring. These vital tools are much easier on system resources compared to yesteryear as well, at least the best ones are.

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Cyberattacks are evolving at an alarming rate, with dodgy pop-up ads, process injections, phishing emails, and malware waiting to pounce on all kinds of sites. It pays to take your system protection seriously, then.

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