Best cable modems in 2021

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Best cable modems in 2021

The best cable modem probably isn’t something you think about, but it should be at the front of your mind the next time you get your internet bill. If you buy your own cable modem instead of using whatever your internet service provider dropped off, you can probably save money on your internet service by eliminating a needless equipment rental fee.

Equipment rental fees may be ridiculous, but they’re no joke. Some ISPs charge as much as $14 a month when you use one of their modems, and that cost can add overtime. Because the best cable modems often cost less than $70, you’ll pay off what you spent on a new modem via a lower internet bill in half-a-year. From that point forward, the money you would dole out to your internet provider to rent a usually aging modem stays in your pocket. 

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Here’s a closer look at the best cable modems based on our testing. No matter which one you end buying, just make sure you’re getting a modem that’s compatible with your ISP and pick a device that delivers speeds in line with your service plan. 

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