Best clothes dryers in 2021

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Best clothes dryers in 2021

The best clothes dryers will sufficiently dry your laundry in a single cycle. The laundry shouldn’t feel damp, nor overly dried — it should be dried to a state where you could wear it immediately once it cools. A good clothes dryer also won’t shrink any garments or lead to damage, it should be fast and efficient, without using too much energy in the process. 

Drying your clothes properly can also help protect your clothes from diseases like COVID-19, provided you wash them at the warmest possible setting and completely dry them without shaking in the air. Then there are the dryers with built-in sanitizing or anti-bacterial cycles.

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The right dryer will vary depending on how much laundry you do and the space you’re fitting it into. Your budget also needs to be taken into account — you don’t need to spend top dollar to get the best models. However, you might want to splash out for the latest features. Whatever your circumstances, here are the best clothes dryers you can buy right now.  

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