Best coffee grinder 2021 – all the top options compared

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Best coffee grinder 2021 – all the top options compared

Many underestimate the power of the best coffee grinder in making a flavoursome brew. If you’re grinding your own beans, then picking up a machine that can offer a range of different settings and features is a more than worthwhile investment. A quality coffee grinder can help you experiment with different brew styles and make the most of the best coffee makers as well. 

Achieving the perfect grind size will take a little trial and error, but today’s coffee grinders can help you get there a lot quicker, with a wide range of sizes, programmable presets, and robust blades.

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The most important factor in choosing the best coffee grinder for you is knowing which grind sizes you’ll need. For example, an espresso calls for a particularly fine grind, whereas a French press will need a fairly coarse grind for better steeping. The coffee grinders below will offer varying levels of grind settings, but in general you’ll find that machines with more options will allow you to move further in either direction. 

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