Best family cell phone plan in 2021

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Best family cell phone plan in 2021

With new phones like the iPhone 13 arriving this fall, you may be searching for the best family cell phone plan. If so, look no further than a plan with unlimited data, which can meet the needs of any family no matter how large.

1. Best overall family plan: T-Mobile
2. Best for coverage and speeds: Verizon
3. Best group plan for non-families: Visible
4. Best family plan for streaming: AT&T

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You’ll find unlimited plans from every carrier, big and small. And while they’re generally pretty pricey, it’s not too hard to find affordable unlimited options, especially if you’re willing to look beyond AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Discount carriers have rolled out unlimited options, and they’re among the best family cell phone plans out there precisely because they don’t charge a lot.

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