Best MacBook in 2021: Find the best MacBook for you

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Best MacBook in 2021: Find the best MacBook for you

The best MacBook for you and your needs is a tricky thing to figure out, and we get asked for help all the time; not just by readers, but friends and family too. Factoring in the latest MacBooks (which moved from Intel processors to Apple silicon) makes it an even harder decision, because the Apple M1 chip is changing the MacBook as we know it — just read our MacBook Air with M1 review and our MacBook Pro with M1 review to see why. 

But once you take a closer look at the best MacBooks you can see that one size doesn’t fit all. There are specific reasons why many should pay more for the M1-based MacBook Pro, plus there’s still an audience for those who may prefer Intel-based MacBook Pros — and the 16-inch model only comes with an Intel CPU for now. 

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Apple’s M1-equipped MacBook Air 2020 is our top recommendation for the best MacBook overall. The new Apple M1 chip makes it faster than we ever expected the Air to get, and its power efficiency enables much longer battery life, lasting over 14 hours on a charge.

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