Best phone carriers of 2021

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Best phone carriers of 2021

With new phones like the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 arriving soon, is it time to jump over to one of the best phone carriers for your wireless service? After all, if you’re switching phones, you can always switch carriers, too, to see if there’s a better service out there than what you have now.

Finding the best phone carrier requires more than just picking the carrier who charges you the least for data each month (though finding the best cell phone plan is an important part of the selection process). Phone carriers also stand out with their network coverage, particularly as wireless providers are expanding their 5G networks. You also should consider customer service — the best phone carriers can handle questions about billing as easily as helping you troubleshoot your device. And some carriers also make a mark by showering subscribers with plenty of perks.

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It’s a lot to keep track of when deciding which carrier should get your business. And fortunately, you don’t have to, since we take all those factors into account when ranking the best phone carriers. At the moment, It’s a battle between T-Mobile and Verizon for the title of best phone carrier, with the Uncarrier just edging out Big Red. If you’re willing to look beyond the major wireless providers though, you can find good value from smaller operators like Mint Mobile and Visible.

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