'Biomutant' Is a Fun but Flawed Open-World RPG

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'Biomutant' Is a Fun but Flawed Open-World RPG

Biomutant is ambitious and quite fun at times, but, in most cases, it fails to deliver on its ambitions and ultimately ends up feeling like a muddled mess of plot points, all of which are connected by a fragile thread.

Biomutant picks up years after the fall of humanity, in a time when mutated animals have taken over the lands and now reside in the remains of humanity’s great cities. Players take on the role of a ronin, a lone samurai that calls no tribe or group its own, who has returned to seek revenge on the predator that killed its family.

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But, the story doesn’t stop there. There’s also a tribe war you’ll need to navigate and take part in and a threat against the Tree of Life—a massive tree responsible for all life on the planet.

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