BlackBerry Phones Could Still Succeed, Experts Say

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BlackBerry Phones Could Still Succeed, Experts Say

Even if BlackBerry phones make a comeback, experts say the physical keyboard-wielding smartphones will need to make a splash if they want to find a place in today’s smartphone market.

Once the biggest smartphone brand on the planet, BlackBerry quickly fell from grace when the iPhone and Android phones started to take the market by storm. After years out of the market, the smartphone that started it all seems set to make a return, though experts say it will have a hard time maintaining relevance in a world dominated by more-established brands.

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“I don’t think BlackBerry will ever have as large a market share as it once did,” Christen Costa, a tech expert and CEO of Gadget Review, told Lifewire in an email. “Too much of the market is eaten up by Apple and Samsung, and people who have those phones tend to only buy those brands. But I can see BlackBerry making a niche product that appeals to two groups of people: older professionals and people who just flat out hate on-screen keyboards.”

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