Cooler Master NR200P Max Review: Plain ITX Brilliance

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Cooler Master NR200P Max Review: Plain ITX Brilliance

Cooler Master’s NR200P Max takes the original NR200P, moves some stuff around, and throws in a mighty 280mm AIO and 850W SFX PSU for a stunningly practical end result.

When NZXT came out with its H1 Mini-ITX enclosure, it impressed consumers and reviewers alike with its straightforward approach of including a PSU and AIO with the chassis, letting buyers divert their attention to picking the best internal components for gaming. Since then, few (if any) cases have gone in a similar direction. But today Cooler Master is here to offer up an alternative.

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The chassis in question is called the NR200P Max, and it’s a variation of the original NR200P that, you guessed it, includes an AIO and a power supply – and not shoddy ones, either. We’re talking about a massive 280mm CPU cooler and a powerful 850W SFX Juicebox. But the fun doesn’t end there – there is space to add plenty of drives, one or two additional fans, huge triple-slot graphics cards, and a PCIe 4.0 riser cable comes included because this case only supports vertical GPU layouts. Next to that, Cooler Master throws in not just a mesh side panel, but also a 4mm pane of tempered glass for when you want to get showy.

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