Corsair 7000D Airflow Review: New High-End Workstation King?

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Corsair 7000D Airflow Review: New High-End Workstation King?

Corsair’s 7000D lays out the red carpet for your hardware, offering an excellent foundation for building a big, mean, business machine. Just keep space in mind, as this case truly is big.

Back in September of 2020, Corsair introduced its 4000X and 4000D cases, offering up two pretty case designs that in a way, set the benchmark for simplistic, modern, but classic ATX tower design. Then, in January the company dropped the 5000X and 5000D (full review of the 5000X here), growing the case in dimensions – but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the 5000X that I reviewed due to basically forcing you to use the side intake to get decent thermals, while offering little more added space than the 4000X.

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So, when Corsair reached out asking if I wanted to review its new 7000X or 7000D chassis, and I got a peek at its designs, I decided to have a look at the 7000D, this time passing on the front RGB goodness in favor of a mesh intake. Let’s see if I like this one more, and whether it’s good enough for our Best PC Cases list. Pricing is set at $260, so this better be good. 

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