Crowfall review

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Crowfall review

A deep but fragmented PvP MMO that’s not nearly as original as its early promise suggested.

Six years on from its successful Kickstarter campaign, Crowfall has landed. The MMO built up a lot of promise during its lengthy development. It was to be part-strategy game, part ‘Game of Thrones’ style throne war simulator. Just last year, its designer J Todd Coleman (of Shadowbane fame) claimed that on launch it would be the “most strategic virtual universe,” even “surpassing EVE Online.”

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So let’s just reset expectations by saying that Crowfall doesn’t hit those galactic goals. It’s a guild-based PvP game with a heavy focus on economy. You’ll be creating multiple characters that share your account name, then levelling them quickly so that they can become cogs in a machine, helping your guild gain ground in a perpetual throne war. The campaign system is novel and the guild dynamics can be compelling, but Crowfall’s world design and combat weren’t good enough to glue me to it.

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