Death’s Door review

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Death’s Door review

Death’s Door boils modern action-adventure game design down to its fundamentals, and the reduction is excellent.

What is it? A top-down Zelda-ish adventure with a unique cockeyed perspective.
Expect to pay: $20/£16.79
Developer: Acid Nerve
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Reviewed on: Windows 10, GeForce GTX 1070, Intel Core i7-9700 CPU, 16GB RAM  
Multiplayer: No
Link: Official site

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Think of Death’s Door like a loving parody of the greater Dark Souls universe. All the trappings are there: the stony grey ruins of a dying realm, the wandering eccentrics with scene-setting dialogue, the gothic typeface whenever you encounter a boss lingering in their keep. It’s grim as hell, but also, kinda funny. A looming overlord keeps a novelty mug on his desk, and the afterlife is recast as a pencil-pushing bureaucracy, with a professional class of various grim reapers complaining about the drudgery of work. Venture to the sanctum of the first boss and you’ll find not a dragon or an undead monstrosity, but a very angry grandmother. There’s a low-stakes breeziness to Death’s Door that I came to admire over its 10 hours. At every turn, two-person studio Acid Nerve finds the sweet spot.

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