Dragon Ball Super Promo Teases a Dangerous Wish

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Dragon Ball Super Promo Teases a Dangerous Wish

Dragon Ball Super is setting the stage for quite the dangerous wish with the first look at the manga’s next big chapter! The Granolah the Survivor arc has reached a peculiar crossroads as with the end of the fight between Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta, it’s time for the real conflict of the arc to present itself. Previous chapters have shown how long the Heeters have been planning for their grand scheme and they have finally decided to make their move now that they have located Monaito’s Dragon Balls at the end of the previous chapter. 

As for what could be coming with the next chapter, Dragon Ball Super has previewed Chapter 78 of the series with an early look at the rough drafts for the first few pages. From these drafts we can gleam how the newest chapter continues immediately following the Heeters claiming both Dragon Balls and it seems they are gearing up for quite the dangerous wish that could very well make them the most dangerous beings in the universe. Something Goku and Vegeta might not be completely ready for. 

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The dragon tells Elec to speak his wish. Elec is astonished; so this is the wish-granting dragon? Meanwhile, the Sugarians wonder what’s going on. And that’s it. What exactly will the Heaters’ wish be? The full chapter’s out in a week, etc etc. pic.twitter.com/MAWt5tfsLY

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