E-Book Readers Could Be Better for Kids Than iPads

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E-Book Readers Could Be Better for Kids Than iPads

Computer tablets have become our electronic babysitters, but perhaps kids would be better off with a simpler e-book reader.

iPads are big versions of our phones, and just as distracting and compelling as our pocket brain drainers. An e-reader like the Kindle or Kobo is designed for one thing: reading. They may have a few old-fashioned games, and the Kindle has a web browser that’s so neglected it’s still labeled “experimental” 14 years after its debut, but e-readers are for e-books, and little else. Could they be the ideal way to introduce our kids to technology?

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“Both e-ink readers and tablets have their own advantages,” Alana Reyes, social media marketing assistant of Reedley International School, told Lifewire via email. “E-inks are better if you only opt to use something as an alternative for physical books. They have larger screens than phones, are lighter than tablets and iPads, and have less-harsh backlight. 

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