Europa Universalis 4 is going free on the Epic Store

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Europa Universalis 4 is going free on the Epic Store

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d really like to try one of those massive Paradox grand strategy games, but I don’t want to invest any money into it because the whole thing is likely to end quickly and badly?” I certainly have. Then one day, many years ago, I threw caution to the wind and bought Europa Universalis: Rome, determined to scratch that itch. 30 minutes later, as I flipped hopelessly through the phone book-sized manual, I realized that I had been right all along. I was way out of my depth.

The good news for anyone in a similar situation is that you will soon have the opportunity to embark on a journey of grand strategy self-discovery without having to drop a penny: The acclaimed Europa Universalis 4, “a textured and engrossing simulation that conquers the common ground between your average Civilization V player and the long-time devotees of grand strategy,” is slated to go free next week on the Epic Games Store.

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This is the base game and not one of the many bundles that are listed on Steam, but EU4 will be a new addition to the Epic Store, so we may see some of that add-on content—and, one would think, more Paradox games—headed that way in the future. Even without any extra content, though, this is a huge and unexpectedly accessible (relatively speaking, anyway) strategy experience.

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