Experts Say Paid Subscriptions Could Be Bad For Podcasts

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Experts Say Paid Subscriptions Could Be Bad For Podcasts

Paid subscriptions could lead to less podcast availability for users and less growth for creators, experts warn.

Podcasts have continued to gain popularity, especially throughout the past year. Now, both Apple and Spotify are offering ways for creators to make a few dollars from their hard work through subscription-based plans for listeners. While benefiting from the work you do is great, some feel this move towards a more subscription-based system could ultimately hurt the podcast community.

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“One of the strengths of the podcast format is that it’s not a risk to the listener,” Aaron Bossig, who has been heavily involved in the podcast industry for over 13 years, told Lifewire on a call. “When somebody wants to listen to your podcast, to try it out, they don’t have to do anything but push a button. They don’t have to pay anything. They give you a couple of minutes of their time. Maybe even an hour.”

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