Facebook Live Audio Rooms Shows Promise, and Problems

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Facebook Live Audio Rooms Shows Promise, and Problems

Facebook’s new Live Audio Rooms feature has begun a slow rollout in the US, which raises the questions: is it beneficial, and are people actually going to use it?

The main draw of Live Audio Rooms is providing Facebook groups with a new way to engage with their members. Hosts can create an audio room with up to 50 speakers, while a limitless number of listeners can attend and ask questions in the chat, request audio speaking access, etc. There’s potential here, from a business and community standpoint.

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“Because Facebook Live Audio Rooms take elements of a live Zoom meeting and YouTube live (minus the faces), but adds collaboration and more control via permissions to the host who can listen and create their own audio rooms, there is a breadth of potential here,” said Emily Hale, social media analyst at Merchant Maverick, in an email interview with Lifewire.

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