Feelmore Labs Cove review

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Feelmore Labs Cove review

Feelmore Labs Cove is a premium product, with a price tag that seems rather too high for what you get in return. While our own experience with the device suggests there may be something to the power of Cove, particularly when it comes to helping you relax, it’s hard to judge exactly how well it works. If you’re not in a position to simply go out for a run, which is our own go-to method for relaxing, beating stress and gearing up for a better night’s sleep, Cove could provide the answer. Indeed, its creators suggest you’ll get better results with regular 20-minute sessions over time. There is, of course, the placebo-effect nature of the Cove too: when it’s not digging into your head those comforting vibes do at least make you feel like you’re calming down.

Cove is just one of a raft of gizmos on the market aimed at helping you to relax and reduce your stress and anxiety levels. It comes as a combination package with a wearable headset and a supporting app making up the bundle. Following initial setup, simply pop the headset on, select a soothing 20-minute session from the app and enjoy the sensatory powers of this wearable on your nervous system.

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While Cove is a use-anywhere option, it also needs some refinement, with a headset that could be more fun to wear and an app that needs some tweaks on the functionality front too. We enjoyed its soothing powers but, personally, it’s not going to replace a 30-minute jog around the block for us. If you’re not willing, or able to go down that route though Cove is worth investigating, despite its high purchase price.

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