Flexispot GC01 Gaming Chair Review: Low Price, Low Support

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Flexispot GC01 Gaming Chair Review: Low Price, Low Support

The Flexispot GC01 is cheaper than many gaming chairs and even includes a footrest. But because it’s not very plush or supportive, it’s not great for long-term use.

Investing in a gaming chair is just as important as getting your next couch or loveseat. The best gaming chair is something you’ll spend hours in — likely for both work and play — so you’ll want something with enough cushioning to make you feel supported and comfortable over long-term use. Whether you’re using your chair for long video calls, gaming sessions or a quick nap, you’re going to want a solid chair. 

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The Flexispot GC01 chair ($159) looks like a typical gamer’s chair with its black leather,  angular red accents, and tiny neck pillow strapped into the headrest’s holes. However, the chair doesn’t feel super padded, and after spending a couple of weeks in it, I learned it’s not a good fit for people needing ample back support.  

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