Focal Clear Mg review

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Focal Clear Mg review

The Focal Clear Mg are some of the highest resolution and dynamic headphones we’ve ever heard. These headphones have the ability to magnify details while still being kind to poorly recorded source material. While the soundstage isn’t the widest available, their pin-point accurate imaging more than makes up for it. If you can afford them, the Focal Clear Mg could be the last headphones you’ll ever buy.

If you’re after high-end headphones, Focal is probably a name you recognize. Its headphones can sometimes fetch outlandish prices (as is the case here) but the result is a pair of truly jaw-dropping cans.

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Such is the case for the Focal Clear Mg, which sells for $1,500 (€1500, £1,399, AU$2,199), and sits nicely in between the budget Focal Listen and the top of the line Utopia. While $1,500 is quite a lot of money for headphones, we came away extremely impressed by the Focal Clear Mg’s resolution, tuning, and design. 

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