Gaggia Magenta Plus review

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Gaggia Magenta Plus review

The Gaggia Magenta Plus produces four different styles of coffee at the touch of a button. An expensive coffee maker, it’s ideal for those who want barista-style coffee without having to grind the beans and create the coffee puck themselves. It’s simple to use and lets you customize the hot drinks to suit you – but we found that it’s noisy in use.

Gaggia is a brand that’s well-versed in making a smooth, rich espresso, having started its coffee journey in Italy in the 1930s. Its first consumer espresso machines were launched in the late 1970s, and since then Gaggia has been on a mission to bring coffee-shop standard hot drinks to the home.  

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As well as offering manual espresso machines, such as the Gaggia Classic, the company also includes a number of fully automatic coffee makers in its range. The Gaggia Magenta Plus is its latest bean-to-cup machine, automating every step of the coffee-brewing process – from grinding the beans and tamping the coffee to dispense the correct volume, to ensure you can enjoy barista-style coffee at the touch of a button.  

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