Genshin Impact review

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Genshin Impact review

Genshin Impact’s open world and clever combat are fantastic, but its endgame tries way too hard to milk you for cash.

I shouldn’t like Genshin Impact as much as I do. It has lootboxes with dreadfully low drop rates, an energy system that limits how quickly I progress at higher levels, and an extremely annoying sidekick that refers to itself exclusively in third person. These flaws would doom other games, but Genshin Impact is also a fantastic RPG set in a vibrant open world that is so much more fun to explore than most full-priced games I’ve played this year.

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What is it? A free-to-play RPG inspired by Breath of the Wild
Expect to pay: free with microtransactions
Developer: MiHoYo
Publisher: MiHoYo
Reviewed on: i7 7700, RTX 2070, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? 4-player co-op

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