Genshin Impact’s anniversary event is really stingy, and players are pissed

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Genshin Impact’s anniversary event is really stingy, and players are pissed

Genshin Impact players are not happy with MiHoYo’s planned anniversary rewards and contests program, complaining that the studio is effectively using fans for free content and publicity while offering minimal rewards in return.

Instead of giving generous gifts to thank players for their support, MiHoYo is asking players to participate in fan art contests and to promote the game on social media, in exchange for a tiny chance of winning an expensive prize, or a trifling amount of in-game currency. While there is precedent for studios to prompt this kind of activity from their fans, or to do stuff like distribute art kits and cosplay tutorials to help their games get promoted, it’s the gacha-like reward scheme that many fans are taking issue with.

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Rewards across a number of different contests range from in-game items like Primogems and Mora to iPads, AirPods, and an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Some of it sounds like pretty sweet loot, but it’s the amount of effort required to take part, and the fact that some of the prizes will be awarded via raffle, that’s angering people. 10% of the entrants in the “Message in Time” event, for instance, will get a Blessing of the Welkin Moon 30-day subscription offer worth $5, but everyone else will only get 100,000 Mora, which according to GamesRadar can be earned with about five hours’ worth of original resin.

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