Get all currently available Lord of the Rings Online quest packs free

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Get all currently available Lord of the Rings Online quest packs free

Last year, Standing Stone Games gave away a bunch of quest packs for The Lord of the Rings Online so people had something to do during lockdown. Now the studio has a similar giveaway going on, and you can get all the currently available quest packs for free. All you have to do is redeem the coupon code LOTROQUESTS2021 in the LotRO store in-game before November 30. Which means you’ll have to install it first, and given that it’s an MMO that’s gonna take a while.

The code nets you 24 quest packs, as well as the Far Anórien region pack and a mission pack called The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins. It doesn’t include the expansion quests or “instance clusters” like Mines of Moria and Riders of Rohan, but a bunch of those are on sale at the moment. It also won’t turn a free-to-play account into a premium one, so you’ll be stuck with f2p limits like not having the Riding skill.

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It’s still a pretty generous amount of stuff, far more than you’ll probably need. When I played The Lord of the Rings Online I barely left The Shire, because it’s full of barmy sidequests where you deliver pies, chase squirrels, and get repeatedly turned into a chicken.

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