Glass: Do We Need Another Photo-Sharing App?

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Glass: Do We Need Another Photo-Sharing App?

Glass is a shiny new photo-sharing app, kind of like Instagram was back in the beginning, only—if you can believe it—even cleaner and more minimal.

Instagram started as a place to filter, share, and like your iPhone photos. Glass is like that, only without the filters or the likes. Like OG Insta, Glass is iPhone-only. But, unlike almost any other photo-sharing app, it is also subscription-only, and the only way to sign up is using sign-in with Apple. Glass is so pared down that it makes Philip Glass look like a 1990s-era Geocities home page in comparison. But do we need a pure photo-sharing site?

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“I don’t believe that there really is a need for a pure photo-sharing app, especially in a market where we have apps that add interaction to it as well,” filmmaker and writer Daniel Hess told Lifewire via email.

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