Google Pixel 4 review

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Google Pixel 4 review

The Pixel 4’s industry-leading cameras, super-smooth display and intuitive Face Unlock help it stand out, but short battery life holds it back.

The camera may be the Google Pixel 4’s headline feature, but there’s a lot more on offer with this phone. Especially when compared to the new, but also less impressive, Pixel 5. Whether it’s the silky-smooth 90Hz display, super-secure Face-Unlock, and so much more.

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Unfortunately, as forward thinking as the Pixel 4 may be, Google still repeated a lot of the same frustrating mistakes. Plus, with the Pixel 5 not really having that wow factor, we’ve had to look forward to see if Google ever has any intention of fixing common Pixel problems like underpowered hardware and weak battery life.

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