Google Will Address the ‘Ghost’ in Google Maps

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Google Will Address the ‘Ghost’ in Google Maps

Both Android and iOS users have reported strange happenings in Google Maps, with the app’s voice changing on its own. Many have shared accounts of the voice giving them directions suddenly shifting to a deep-voiced man with a slight accent. It seems the app will start by randomly swapping between this voice and the user’s selected one a few times before eventually settling on this new one.

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While this is obviously some sort of bizarre bug, there is still some mystery behind it. What’s causing the voice to change like this? Why is it only changing to this specific voice? And as Reddit user fezguy pointed out, “…try finding this voice in the catalogs of voices for Google maps/assistance… I haven’t been able to find it as an option.” So this doesn’t even seem to be a selectable voice option in the first place. Where did it come from?

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