Google's Play Developer Security Solution Is a Good Start

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Google's Play Developer Security Solution Is a Good Start

Google recently has begun requiring added verification for Google Play developer accounts—a response to malicious parties creating batches of accounts to sell—but it could be doing more.

Developer account security on Google Play hasn’t had the best track record, with basic sign-up not requiring any form of contact detail verification. Some groups were exploiting this oversight to create multiple accounts, then selling those accounts to people who would upload malware, scam apps, and so on. Google recently updated developer account creation to require contact info verification for new accounts, but it’s more of a decent start than a complete answer to ongoing issues.

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“It is a move in the right direction for Google as it starts to protect its source of revenue,” said Katherine Brown, the founder of Spyic, in an email interview with Lifewire, “It will also protect users from sketchy or malicious apps featuring in the marketplace as they will be removed.”

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