GoPro announces Hero 10 Black with 5.3K60 and smartphone-like features

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GoPro announces Hero 10 Black with 5.3K60 and smartphone-like features

GoPro has announced the next version of its action camera, which has a new processor that lets the camera shoot in higher frame rates (for that cool slow-motion footage), have better stabilization, and automatically upload videos to the cloud while charging. The new processor also works to make using the GoPro Hero 10 Black a faster, more responsive experience.

In a lot of cases, the Hero 10 can shoot at double the frame rate of the Hero 9: it can now shoot at 5.3K at 60 frames per second (offering both the frame rate improvement as well as a small resolution bump) and can shoot at 4K120, and 2.7K240. While 240fps is still as slow (er, fast?) as the camera will get, it’s now able to shoot that frame rate at 2.7K, versus the 1080 resolution limit of the GoPro Hero 9.

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GoPro says this increase in performance is due to the camera’s new GP2 processor, which is a successor to the GP1 chip it’s used in cameras ever since the Hero 6 Black. The company continuing to have custom chips for its cameras is a tactic that makes sense, as some of GoPro’s toughest competition comes from the smartphone market, where companies like Apple and Google are taking the same approach. The GP2 also allows the Hero 10 to be phone-like in a few ways, from its very responsive touchscreen to the heavy video processing that it’s doing with things like local tone mapping and improved noise reduction.

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